campfire requiem

::campfire requiem:: Camping alone in the woods can be a restorative experience, and can bring inspiration for creative work. After three days alone, voices begin to influence thoughts, maybe bringing some fear. Some of the voices are familiar, their presence more comforting than others. They offer encouragement, and fuel the endeavor. This series of work was created in the crisp late autumn in Northern Minnesota, and is dedicated to good friends who no longer hold a physical spot around the campfire.

cr:032 (campfire requiem)
cr:063 (campfire requiem)
cr:076 (campfire requiem)
cr:002 (campfire requiem)
cr:023 (campfire requiem)
cr:011 (campfire requiem)
cr:040 (campfire requiem)
cr:042 (campfire requiem)
cr:005 (campfire requiem)
cr:044 (campfire requiem)
cr:065 (campfire requiem)
cr:094 (campfire requiem)
cr:093 (campfire requiem)
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