the cleansing effect of the sun

: : the cleansing effect of the sun : : In Spring of 2010, a very close friend of mine passed away unexpectedly. This event struck me very hard, and caused me to rethink my whole existence, and what was really important to me. I felt the need to become introspective, and my creativity seemed to be the tool to help me through this difficult time. I started dedicating every Sunday morning to photographing. I didn't have a specific goal in mind, just that I would stick to dedicating this time to my artistic meditation every week. As it happened, it seemed like every Sunday morning from May until October was a bright, sunny day, which is not usually my first choice of conditions for shooting. I was forced to find a direction with the time I had dedicated, and on about the third Sunday out, I happened across a fairly spectacular cloud formation. I followed this one formation around all morning, photographing it from all angles, and with all sorts of different elements in front of it. When I reviewed what I had photographed that day, I was struck with how ominous and beautiful these formations were, and the myriad of emotions they could convey. I started feeling like I had never really looked at clouds before. I was working outside of my normal comfort zone, and had created something that I found to be very humbling and magnificent. This series of events had taken me on a journey, and these photographs are the result.

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